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Biodegradable Eco Friendly

The importance of eco-friendly products and the growing consumer demand for green products couldn’t now be greater. The impact of plastic waste on our planet alongside the continuing depletion of our resources through unsustainable manufacturing demonstrates the clear importance of environmentally friendly products. We source our natural and earth-friendly products from across the globe and we aim to deliver the highest quality of goods at affordable prices.

Introducing new brand PPS-ECO

Introducing new brand PPS-ECO

Green cars, green cleaners, green plywood. Today there are eco-friendly alternatives in virtually every product category. Consumer interest in green products continues to rise as more products are introduced each year. It becomes increasingly more difficult to imagine a time when climate change and sustainability weren’t a concern.
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Biodegradable Eco Friendly Disposable Products | Party Supply, Catering Supplies, Restaurant Supplies

Biodegradable Eco Friendly Disposable Products | Party Supply, Catering Supplies, Restaurant Supplies

DURABLE, DISPOSE OR REUSE - Perfect for travelling, camping or daily life wooden utensil set is the perfect knife, fork, spoon and straw for enjoying meals out and about, or at home.ECO-FRIENDLY - Our sustainable, biodegradable wooden utensil kit is the perfect replacement for single use plastics.
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