After the successful launch of brand PPS-ECO for eco-friendly products, we quickly learnt that we need a brand for our bulk catering products. We continue to strive to develop invaluable disposable products, partyware, catering supplies and tableware for beauty and efficiency with our own name PPS-Catering. It is a brand that has developed to meet the needs and wants of all cafes and restaurant to give the best quality in every product.

How do we design products & packaging that enhance, enrich and make life easier for others? Simple. We listen to the ones that matter most—our caterers. That’s how we’re able to provide products that are convenient, bulk packing, unique, innovative and valuable. Ultimately, it’s how we help caterers achieve their financial targets by cutting the cost of the everyday use of disposable products. We have decided to introduce our new bulk packing, value brand PPS-Catering. When the catering supply costs are less, most caterers strengthen their case when tendering for the most lucrative catering contracts. Analytics supports the shift to value by identifying key price points in the market, defining customer segments, developing new pricing strategies based on competitive intelligence and increasing efficiency in manufacturing and logistics to reduce costs.

PPS-Catering developed a consistent, commercially justifiable list of pricing with our new bulk packing brand. The potential impact of new pricing and terms on caterers was assessed and a high-level roadmap for execution was established. The business is supported in the preparation for the implementation of the new pricing and trading terms.


PPS-Catering logo is the insignia of our brand, comprising a vital element of who we are. Our original italic PPS type-face against a blue background forms PPS-Catering’s clean and inviting logo. Its elegant simplicity & background leaf highlights PPS-Catering’s focus on creating disposable caterers solutions that simplify cooking for busy cafes and restaurants. The traditional bold italic font pays homage to PPS-Catering’s 20-year history, while the interplay of blue and white elicits a modern feel, emphasising PPS-Catering’s position as a leader in disposable catering innovation. The PPS-Catering logo along with its blue colour is the cornerstone of our branding efforts— forming the initial impression of our brand in the minds of our customers and caterers.

Vision, Values & Strategy

Our Vision to provide bulk pack catering disposable at a value price to the caterers. Pricing in fast-moving consumer goods has long been one of PPS-Catering’s primary areas of expertise. Consumer goods companies benefit from price optimisation more than any other industry, but at the same time, it is often an incredibly challenging task.

ACCOUNTABILITY – we make and meet commitments, have a passion for excellence and accept responsibility.
TEAMWORK – we believe teamwork is key to success and we remain open to ideas from anywhere.
SPEED – we have a bias for action.

We are...

A supplier of bulk packaging disposable catering products. From Plates, Bowls, Trays, Foil Products, Cutlery, Cups and Glasses, Storage Containers, Baking Products, Napkins, Banqueting Rolls and Table-covers, to a full range of Party Products, Tableware and more, PPS-Catering has it all. PPS-Catering defines quality, selection, and value for our distributors by developing eco-friendly biodegradable products and providing support to ensure success.

Our Mission...

PPS-Catering is focused on providing quality disposable catering products and services to caterers, cafes, restaurants and retailers that assure reliability, quality, and price with great value. PPS-Catering is committed to offering a business opportunity for entrepreneurs purchasing a PPS-Catering franchise with the necessary support and well-defined business model to enable our franchisees the greatest chance of success.