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Below is a list of the different products we stock in our different categories,

Aluminium and Foil

Foil Platters, Foil Containers with lids, Foil Roasting Dishes
Foil Pie Dishes, Foil Flan Dishes, Catering Foil, Kitchen Foil
Cling Film, Bulk Pack Foil Containers, Bulk Pack Foil Platters
Bulk Pack Roasting Dishes

Cake Cases, Muffin Cases, Candles, Cake Decorating Sets, Cake Boards

Different colours and sizes in
1ply Soft Paper Napkins, 2ply Paper Napkins, 3ply Paper Napkins

Paper Plates and Bowls
Paper Plates, Paper Bowls, Coloured Paper Plates

Party Products
Balloons, Party Poppers, Confetti, Glowsticks
Straws, Refuse Sacks, Toothpicks, BBQ Skewers 

Plastic Tableware
Plastic Plates, Plastic Bowls, Coloured Plastic Plates
Coloured Plastic Bowls, Plastic Containers and lids
Plastic Cups, Plastic Champagne Flutes, Plastic Wine Goblets
Plastic Cocktail Glasses, Plastic Shot Glasses, Plastic Tumblers
Plastic Cutlery, High-Quality Plastic Trays and Platters

Poly Tableware
Polyester Foam Plates, Polyester Foam Bowls
Polyester Foam Cups, Hot Drink Cups with lids

Disposable Catering Supply Wholesalers
Party and Paper Solutions Ltd (PPS). is a dynamic wholesale disposable catering supplier with over 25 years of experience supplying the catering industry. We source our disposable catering supplies from across the globe and we aim to deliver the highest quality of goods at affordable prices with a highly varied product range to meet all your party and paper needs. Read more...

Disposable Restaurant Supplies Wholesalers
So Why Choose PPS over other restaurant supplies wholesalers? We constantly benchmark our disposable restaurant supply prices in the market to ensure we offer very competitive pricing to our customers. As part of the HK group of companies, we have a tremendous combined purchasing volume, which gives us significant negotiating power with key restaurant disposables manufacturers & importers as well as the ability to import directly into the UK on key ranges. Read more...

Wholesale Party Supplies
Our product range stretches across all areas of disposable products from aluminium foil products, disposable plastic plates and bowls, disposable paper plates and bowls, disposable foam plates and bowls, disposable cutlery, disposable plastic cups, balloons and party poppers and a large and varied range of napkins, banqueting rolls, table covers, disposable party tableware, containers, baking products, children's party supplies and lots more. Party Supplies Online, We're very proud of our wholesale party supplies website, to provide easy access to our product database and to order securely online. We supply to party supply wholesalers, disposable wholesalers, wholesalers, shopkeepers, restaurants, party planners, cafes, market traders, online sellers, traders, newsagents, retailers & more... Party Supplies Warehouse and Cash & Carry, In our experience, nothing beats a visit to our showroom and cash & carry to physically see, touch and feel the different options open to you. Customers often come and spend a whole afternoon working with our experienced sales teams to come up with the best choices for their business, party supply wholesale. Read more...