Party And Paper Solutions (PPS) has been importing since 1995 from its site in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, after founders Sandy and Kamal Sandher set the groundwork to build a nationwide distribution network supplying some of the largest wholesalers across the UK.

Over the past 12 years, the next generation – myself, Suki (sales director) and Pav (finance director) – have come into the business and have taken it from strength to strength, focusing heavily on sourcing biodegradable and recyclable products for businesses in the catering and convenience wholesale sectors that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and be noticed for their efforts to make a difference to current trends and habits.

We have witnessed and seen the change in consumer behaviour and have been at the forefront of bringing these lines in to meet demands. Now a multimillion-pound company with lines listed with the biggest cash and carries, we have seen our research and hard work pay off.

Current range

The food sector has seen many changes, with plastic and polystyrene restrictions coming into place, and bagasse – a natural byproduct of sugarcane – being used as a great alternative. Not only eco-friendly, it also outperforms the aforementioned materials by being able to retain heat for longer and it is constructed to be more rigid. We have a full range of food boxes, plates and bowls to meet all wholesalers’ needs, accompanied by eco cutlery, straws and stirrers. Catering packs and retail packs are available for food service and convenience. By using raw materials of paper, bagasse, birchwood and PLA all sourced and manufactured to be more environmentally friendly, we have been able to push for change.

New products

Working constantly with our supply chain to source new innovative products and materials, PPS has both ears on the ground for feedback and can relay these directly back to bring in bespoke products.
The product lines are constantly growing to meet the need for a larger, varied range of boxes as all different types of food outlets are now switching to eco-friendly alternatives.
The wholesale channel The wholesale market is thriving within the takeaway sector, with the pandemic tripling the sales for food deliveries, while the shift towards eco-friendly products is a trend likely to stick around. PPS has been able to source and supply the growing market. Looking forward, many other wholesalers that do not currently stock the range will be looking to add a section in their cash and carries to meet the demands of the local market.
What the future holds for PPS The wholesale catering sector for environmentally friendly products is in rapid growth, with many new cash and carries coming on board. With an established reliable history and by using our supply chain together with our buying power, PPS can offer you an extensive, full range of competitively priced, high-quality eco products.

PPS’ material is 100%
biodegradable and
compostable, making it the
most environmentally friendly
material in foodservice

A downloadable catalogue is available here. Please also contact PPS’ sales team on 01582 674400 to make an enquiry.