Green cars, green cleaners, green plywood. Today there are eco-friendly alternatives in virtually every product category. Consumer interest in green products continues to rise as more products are introduced each year. It becomes increasingly more difficult to imagine a time when climate change and sustainability weren’t a concern. In less than a generation, we’ve gone from giving little consideration to sustainability to it becoming part of most people’s daily lives.

Less brand advantage will be gained from sustainability. This first trend may seem counterintuitive. If consumers are increasingly interested in sustainability, how can sustainability provide less brand advantage? The brand advantage comes from two characteristics: relevance and differentiation. And although sustainability is becoming more relevant to all stakeholders, differentiation is going to be the challenge. As more and more brands become sustainable, they lose the ability to use that for differentiation. In fact, some recent studies seem to indicate that as the number of sustainable brands in a category increases, brands that are not sustainable are penalized more than the sustainable brand's benefit. But there is a silver lining here. Most categories have not yet reached this stage. For brands that are willing to be daring, now is the time to gain a sustainable advantage—before it evaporates in their category.

Brand Promise

Signs and symbols are part of what a brand is, but to us, this is a very fragmented definition. A brand is a promise. By identifying and authenticating a product or service it delivers a pledge of satisfaction and quality. Our brand is defined by the effort put into the development of our products, the service provided by our distributors, as well as, the strength and integrity of our corporate relationships. The PPS Eco brand adds value to everything we do, from the quality of Environment-Friendly products we sell to the distributors who are in the field every day, to the vision of our company. Our brand is portrayed by our logo, our colours, our font, our packaging, our images, our symbols, and everything we do. We must protect our brand.

Vision, Values & Strategy

We claim our brand to be “sustainable” and our standard of measures can sum up this in triple bottom line “people, planet, and profits”. To be the brand of choice for the eco-friendly products by providing high-quality products, innovative solutions, and unparalleled service through PPS-ECO distributors.

ACCOUNTABILITY – we make and meet commitments, have a passion for excellence and accept responsibility.
TEAMWORK – we believe teamwork is key to success and we remain open to ideas from anywhere.
SPEED – we have a bias for action.

We are...

A supplier of eco-friendly biodegradable products. From Plates, Bowls, Trays, Foil Products, Cutlery, Cups and Glasses, Storage Containers, Baking Products, Napkins, Banqueting Rolls and Table-covers, to a full range of Party Products, Tableware and more, PPS-ECO has it all. PPS-ECO defines quality, selection, and value for our distributors by developing eco-friendly biodegradable products and providing support to ensure success.

Our Mission...

PPS-ECO is focused on providing quality products and services to wholesalers and retailers that assure reliability, quality, and innovative features with great value.

PPS-ECO is committed to offering a business opportunity for entrepreneurs purchasing a PPS-ECO franchise with the necessary support and well-defined business model to enable our franchisees the greatest chance of success.